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March 11, 2020 is now live! We have created this website to educate the public about the new Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Our site aims to be an apolitical, factual resource for the public free from speculative content.

Check out our website and subscribe to our emailed newsletter for concise news, updates, and tips for staying safe during this pandemic. Visit our home page often as it provides real-time updates through an interactive Coronavirus map provided by Johns Hopkins University. is funded by Kairav Joshi, Chess University, Inc., and Banevi LLC.


  1. frank simonmd

    I am surprised at the high mortality rate in Italy AS COMPARED TO USA cold this be due to more different and more lethal strains

    • Kairav Joshi

      I believe this is due to a difference in demographics and habits. Italy has an older population than the U.S. and a higher percentage of smokers.


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